Five questions to ask before choosing an outsourcing partner

Having an outsourcing partner you can rely on can add a significant competitive edge to the business, improve efficiency and help you focus on your core strengths.

But unlike hiring an ordinary supplier, outsourcing is about embarking on a long-term partnership where the outsourcing firm becomes a successful extension to your business.

So it’s important to find out if the prospective outsourcing firm is the right fit for your business needs. Here are a few questions to get you started.

1. Do they have experience in the industry specific to you?

It’s important to find out if the company has a proven track record of offering outsourcing services in your industry? Do they have the right expertise to service your needs? For example, you can find out if their team has knowledge of that industry, its regulations, general practices, etc. Find out how long they have been in this industry, and if possible, talk to some of their clients.

At Super Records, we have been catering to the audit and accounting industry in Australia since 2007 with the sole focus on increasing our clients’ profitability. We offer a range of services such as SMSF Administration, SMSF Audit, Portfolio and Business Services and Paraplanning.

2. Does it have a process in place to allow you to outsource seamlessly?

Outsourcing is meant to relieve you of your workload, not add to it. Find out what sort of processes the company has in place. Do those process make outsourcing seamless and hassle free for your company? Is it easy to reach out to them especially if they are in a different time zone?

At Super Records, for example, we have a unique online job portal that allows to upload your jobs, send queries, check on the progress of jobs, etc. to ensure you get complete peace of mind when you outsource with us. Plus, every account has a dedicated local account manager with over ten years’ experience within the SMSF industry. That’s seamless and accountable outsourcing for you.

3. What kind of security measures do they have in place?

Whatever you do, never undermine the importance of security, especially considering they will be handling your clients’ financial data. Find out what security measures both physical and data security measures they have invested in.

Super Records is ISO 27001-certified, this means our offices and systems are on par with international best practice for information security management. We have both physical and non physical controls to ensure maximum security and protection for both our company and our clients’ data.

4. What is their pricing structure like?

Cost effectiveness is one of the key benefits associated with outsourcing. If outsourcing is turning out to be way too expensive, may be it’s not working in your favour. Find out about the outsourcing firm’s pricing structure. Also find out about hidden costs and pricing changes as you scale up and down over time.

Super Records offers a variety of pricing models to suit your business requirements – a fixed fee or resource model solution being the most common approach. We believe in keeping things simple and flexible for our clients. That’s why, we don’t have any lock-in periods or contracts, and you can scale up or scale down anytime depending on their needs. No questions asked.

5. What is their approach towards hiring and training staff?

It is important to know who will be managing your jobs once they are taken up. Find out how the outsourcing firm hires their staff? What sort of minimum industry qualifications they look for? Do they have any training and orientation procedures in place?

At Super Records, we have a highly experienced and reliable team that’s rigorously trained to ensure we never have to compromise on our quality of work. Our staff are accredited with the SMSF Professionals’ Association of Australia (SPAA) and qualified Australian CPA or CA qualified accountants.

To find out more about the outsourcing services we offer, call Super Records today on 1800 27 87 27.

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