Strategies to overcome SMSF Administration scaled 1

Reduce SMSF Administration Time By 85%

We all know SMSF admin has become more complex and more time-consuming over the last 5 years.

To combat this many accountants are now frequent users of specialised SMSF software which can significantly decrease the time spent on manual and repetitive tasks.

However, like any software, the benefits are reliant on both accurate and timely entry of data, and the ability of your team to effectively use that software.

The latest research from Investment Trends suggests that with the number of SMSFs and assets on the rise, nearly half of all accounting firms are expecting to see an increase in SMSF revenue over the next few years, equating to 33% of total practice revenue.

As demand for SMSF administration services increases, accountants are faced with a choice; either recruit and train new team members or extend their capacity to service SMSFs with outsourced accountants.

Being able to access a team of experienced accountants as needed provides multiple benefits for accounting firms including:

1. Significant efficiency gains

Not only do outsourced accountants prepare and process SMSFs on your behalf, but they are already experienced users of the most popular SMSF accounting software, so no training is required.

2. Significant cost savings

Offshore staff are typically well compensated in their native countries but cost at least 50% less than local resources. This arrangement offers a genuine win/win situation for both the outsourced resources themselves and the accounting firms who engage them.

3. Ability to scale on demand

The ability to tap into a pool of qualified and experienced experts to take the time-consuming load off yourself and your team means that you can scale quickly to meet increased legislative or client demand.

Reduce admin time by 85%

If you’re like most accounting firms, you and your team are juggling multiple tasks on any given day and if you can’t create time savings in your firm, it’s going to be difficult to achieve any significant efficiency gains.

By extending your capacity with Super Records, you can slash your SMSF admin time by at least 85%.

Acting as an extension of your team, Super Records will take on all the time-consuming tasks, conduct all the processing and provide you with final reports for sign-off.

You also retain full transparency and control over preparation and processing through our purpose-built and real-time workflow portal.

Our end-to-end SMSF Administration starts from only $450 per fund per year, so you get the benefit of both increased efficiency and increased profit margins.

With an increase in demand for SMSF administration expected over the coming years, now is the time to focus on improving your efficiency, and ultimately increasing your firm’s profit margins too!