A comprehensive range of Portfolio Administration Services

We understand the ever-changing demands of investment accounts. Our team of experts offer the expertise you need to look after your investments and relieve you of the administrative burden.

We help you manage non-SMSFs, direct share portfolios and other equity holdings. We take care of all the paperwork, online taxation and performance reporting, giving you peace of mind.

Online job portal to keep you up to date

Whether you need upload a new job, view the completion status of jobs or even access your reports, you can do so by logging in to our online job portal.

Reporting typically includes:

  • Job Progress
  • Issues and queries in processing jobs
  • Outstanding Items
  • Tracking against services outlined
  • Errors/rework

Have a look at our range of Portfolio Administration Services and the activities conducted for each of these services:

Account Opening

A client-processed application form notifies us about new account openings on a weekly basis. We contact the client (Adviser) to request the cost base of each and every parcel of shares to be transferred to the PLATFORM. In the absence of a detailed cost base, once the client confirms that they want us to reconstruct the portfolio based on available information, we commence portfolio reconstruction.

Portfolio Reconstruction

Our primary objective is to obtain correct or near-to-correct cost base for each and every client-held investment. Here’s what we do:

  • Arrange for available documents
  • Log in and contact Registry
  • Contact Fund Managers for Managed Investments
  • Research on various property site to obtain date and sale price in case of property
  • Update PLATFORM Excel Loader and upload the portfolio in PLATFORM
  • Reviewer to confirm whether the cost base is correct and assumptions are made if any are reasonable

Account Migration

Our objective is to transfer an existing portfolio to a PLATFORM. Here’s what we do:

  • Request PDF and CSV file for the investments held showing each parcel of shares with cost base
  • Copy and paste from CSV to excel loader and upload to PLATFORM
  • Reviewer to verify and confirm that the opening balances are correct

Day-to-day Portfolio Administration

Here are the list of activities our team conducts:

  • Set up of feed provider in PLATFORM
  • Link the investments to the feed provider
  • Set up transaction rules for recurring events, generate income announcement, classify manually DRP events using PLATFORM income announcement, match purchase and sale with bank transaction
  • Sort email and instruct CLIENTs of entitlements, cut off dates etc. Corporate Proxy Forms, Rights issues, SPPs, etc.
  • Prepare Quarterly Statement, End-of-Year Tax Statement
  • New Account setup, Account detail updates and entering transaction history
  • Processing corporate action acceptance (organising journals/Bpays/chess message acceptances) and Processing of management fees

Bank Reconciliation

  • We ensure that cash console in Class Reporter or other Platform gets clear daily and there are no unmatched cash events.

Investment Reconciliation

All the cash and trade files for ASX listed shares and Mfunds will receive data feed in PLATFORM. We will match this trade with bank statements. Specific process is followed for other investments which do not have data feed and/or such as property investments, term deposits, foreign securities and trades, etc.

Corporate Actions Administration

All corporate actions are conducted through Class-reported or any other platform. The client sends send us the preferred corporation action position known as the default position to us. We will send spreadsheets showing the outcome of each option with client default position via email.

Quarterly Reports

We generate quarterly reports on completion of reconciliation and generate report bulk report package to send it to the adviser.

Annual Tax Report:

Annual Tax Reports are generated on completion of reconciliation and after confirming that all tax statements have been updated in the PLATFORM.

Account Closures

Once you notify us about a client leaving along with the date, we prepare the accounts for closure. We will reconcile the accounts and issue a final statement till the date of closure, no further reconciliation or generation of reports are required. This is also applicable for deceased estate clients account closures.

To discuss outsourcing your non-SMSF business entities, please fill up our contact us form or call us on 1800 278 737.