The Perfectly Designed Accounting Firm

The world of finance and accounting is being disrupted in more ways than one. The availability of cloud software, offshore labour and easy access to financial information is threatening accounting firms everyday.

While there’s no such thing as a perfect firm or a golden rule to build one, putting on blinkers and getting stressed out about things won’t help either. It’s important to adapt, evolve and identify the gaps in the accounting industry – because if you do nothing now, you might find it hard to sustain and accelerate growth.

It’s definitely worth going to the drawing board or taking a blank sheet of paper and jotting down a few strategies to work towards one. We have developed a hypothetical version of ‘The Perfectly Designed Accounting Firm’. Hopefully, this should help you get started.
  • Icon The firm has all its services defined. It also knows its niche
  • Icon The firm not only knows how to deliver but also has the mindset to do so
  • Icon It has the systems and the processes to deliver on the promise it makes to its clients.
  • Icon Clients are completely aware of the scope of work and services are competitively priced.
  • Icon It uses cloud accounting systems that bring about efficiency and speed in all the tasks performed.
  • Icon They are in constant touch with their clients, offering them financial information in real time.
  • Icon It has a powerful and well-defined workflow to ensure the smooth functioning of job
  • Icon It has an administrative team at a local level, and is also taking advantage of a global workforce.
  • Icon It outsources a variety of low-margin, high volume and repetitive jobs, such as Bookkeeping, Annual Accounts, Taxation, Payroll, Business Services, Paraplanning, SMSF Services, etc.
  • Icon It has proper contracts in place with it’s offshore providers, it has a robust workflow
  • Icon It has a focus on generating leads and is investing in marketing efforts to attract new clients especially the ones in their niche. Specialisation allows the firm to maximise its offerings, and make a difference to a business unlike other accounting firms.
  • Icon A firm’s knowledge is its capital and it can be transformed into ROI. The perfect firm has a continuous focus on learning and professional development and is associated with certified bodies.
  • Icon It has freed its key staff to focus on the big picture, to gain new clients and add real value to existing ones.
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