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Reduce your business administration costs and increase capacity with flexible, certified, and affordable accounting outsourcing services.
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Feeling under pressure in an increasingly competitive market?

Accountants and tax agents are busier than ever due to evolving legislation and increased demand for their services. But many have found that low-level administrative tasks take up too much of their time and that clients are constantly putting downward pressures on costs.

With so many new growth opportunities in the market, it’s vital to delegate time-consuming admin so that you can focus on growing your business and profits.

Our team of certified and trained experts will help you with business compliance, individual tax returns, fringe benefit tax, BAS/IAS, and portfolio administration for investment entities. We provide on-demand support so you can scale our outsourced accounting services as needed.

Outsourced accounting services that increase your capacity

Stay on top of admin and portfolios with fast and flexible services.

Get your valuable time back and focus on more critical matters.

Access SMSF experts on demand

Stay compliant in your business

We’ll prepare financial reports, tax returns, and statements for small to large entities (like Companies, Trusts, Partnerships, and Sole Traders), Div7a, loan repayment, tax reconciliation, and depreciation.

Outsource tax returns for individual clients

We do the heavy lifting on individual tax returns, including preparing detailed workpaper files, rental property schedules, capital gain schedules, small business schedules, and dividend & distribution schedules – amongst many others.


Quick and easy fringe benefits tax returns

Our team can prepare rental property schedules, detailed workpaper files, a schedule for Motor Vehicle fringe benefit with a comparison of different methods, and a schedule for employee entertainment fringe benefit with a comparison of different methods.

Outsource your BAS/IAS obligations

Our experts help you in the preparation of Business Activity Statements and Income Activity Statements. This includes reviewing and updating all transactions processed, and preparing bank reconciliation statements, GST reconciliation statements, and detailed workpaper files.

Keep full control

Keep on top of client portfolios

We process purchases and sell transactions of investments made through a broker, process all the transactions of WRAP accounts, process year-end tax statements for the distribution income received from investments made in trust, and more.

Accounting and tax outsourcing as you need it

Customise your outsourced bookkeeping, accounting, and tax service package to your needs. You can engage a resource-based model or job-based commitment model. Just let us know what works for you.

45000 Tax Returns processed
100000 SMSFs processed
25000 SoAs prepared
1000 Australian clients
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Outsourced services for accountants & tax agents

Are you an accountant and tax agent feeling constantly slowed down by inefficiencies and competing priorities? Even with the help of technology, menial and administrative tasks can take up too much of your time. Especially with the current skills shortage that makes it difficult to hire knowledgeable support.

With the support of a qualified and secure outsourcing partner, you can create more capacity and focus more on your core business.

Skill Shortage

Start boosting your profits today

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FAQs about accounting outsourcing

Outsourced accounting services allow you to delegate administrative tasks to an offshore team that costs up to half of what it would typically cost to do it locally. Our services include business compliance, individual tax returns, fringe benefit tax, BAS/IAS, and portfolio administration for investment entities.

You can choose to use a resource-based model where you engage a specific number of staff (i.e. resource) or a job-based commitment model where you outsource individual jobs/tasks to our team. These allow you to customise our outsourcing services to your needs.

Outsourced accounting services typically cost 50% less than local resources. By working with an offshore team, you save on costs such as recruitment, training, and paying high local wages.

If you’d like to learn more about outsourcing and how to find the right provider, you can watch our webinar on what questions to ask before you outsource

Utilising outsourced accountants allows you to:

  1. Increase your capacity and take on more clients
  2. Save costs on recruiting and hiring local talent
  3. Improve your efficiency and have quicker turnaround times
  4. Reduce the time spent on training and managing staff
  5. Account for downtime by scaling up or down as needed

When working with the right outsourcing partner, there are typically no disadvantages to outsourcing.

Some things to consider are data security measures (your partner should be ISO 27001 compliant), workflow management (look for partners that have a real-time portal to send and receive work), and key person risk (partners should have plenty of staff and operate out of multiple offices across their region).

Only candidates who are qualified or undergoing qualification with the chartered accountants of India are selected to join our teams. All our employees are subject to rigorous and ongoing training with our custom-built learning management system to ensure they are up-to-date with all regulatory requirements.

For quality assurance we also have an internal review team to quality-check all jobs before they are sent to you for final review.

We pride ourselves on our simple and fast implementation. There’s no adoption of new software, and we have the people power and technology ready to start as soon as you are. We’ll provide a short training session on how to use our initiative Workflow Portal, then you’re ready to start delegating accounting work.

In fact, 79% of our clients were up and running with us in less than 7 days.

About SuperRecords

We take the pressure off

We expertly manage repetitive time-consuming tasks so you can get back to business.

SuperRecords has been providing end-to-end Business services to Australian accountants for more than 17 years. Our team members are qualified accountants with at least 3 years of accounting and auditing experience.

Shrinking Margins

Shrinking Margins

Qualified resources costs go up and up, but clients put constant downward pressure on costs.

Slow Mo Growth

Slow-Mo Growth

Senior resources are spending too much time on repetitive tasks, and not enough time growing the business.

Risky Business Cloud

Risky Business

Using the cloud is one thing, using the cloud through third parties is another, and nothing spells risk like client data.

Get up and running fast

No complicated implementation. No recruitment or training. Our plug and play methodology means zero downtime in job delegation.


of our clients rate our onboarding as fast and easy


of our clients find SuperRecords easy to work with


of our clients are up and running in less than 7 days

Our unique outsourcing model delivers

We don't just connect you with resources. We take on the risks of staff management, training and quality assurance. Fast, flexible, reliable and affordable.

Plug and Play

Plug & Play

79% of our clients are up and running in less than 7 days

Data Protection

Data Protection

ISO27001 certification to ensure iron clad security of all data



Pay per job, enabling you to scale up and down as needed

Real Time Portal

Real Time Portal

Status of all tasks at your fingertips in real time

Team Management

Staff Management

You delegate the work and we take care of all staff management

Ongoing Training

Ongoing Training

Centre of Excellence division to ensure ongoing staff training and keep knowledge up to date

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Application of RPA to connect unrelated software and maximise efficiency

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

All work is subject to our internal quality checks before being delivered to you

Accounting outsourcing that you can trust
Hear from our happy clients:

With SuperRecords, we’re gaining efficiencies each and every year.

Mark W Head of Operations, Heffron

We have been using SuperRecords for over 18 months and we have received a fantastic service.

Samuel M SLM Accountants & Tax Advisors

Our accounting practice has been using SuperRecords for over 5 years and we could not be happier with the service they provide.

Michael B MWB Accountants