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SMSF Admin Services

Extend your team. Improve efficiency. Create capacity.

Our outsourced SMSF administration experts help you meet your deadlines whilst you maintain full visibility and control over each project. See our flexible and on-demand SMSF outsourcing, accounting outsourcing, and SMSF set-up outsourcing services below.

Keep full control

Accounting outsourcing that cuts your workload in half

Busy season becomes less busy as our experts complete end-of-year accounting & taxation, and finalise accounts on your behalf.

Access SMSF experts on demand

SMSF set-up made easy

With a core expertise in BGL 360, Class, and SuperMate software, our SMSF set-up outsourcing team can set up SMSF accounts in your preferred software, prepare and lodge SMSF tax returns, and prepare SMSF accounting reports for easy review.

Increase efficiency and profit margins 1

End-to-end SMSF processing & SMSF compliance

Our experts reduce your quarterly and monthly processing obligations by providing real-time updates on super balances, assisting on activating data feeds, and preparing TBAR reports. We’ve processed over 100,000 SMSFs and the quality of our work is guaranteed.


Complete your audit workpaper files effortlessly

Let us do the heavy lifting for you on your audits. Our team will handle tasks like arranging documents in audit software, preparing a complete Audit File, completing the Audit Checklist, documenting the conclusion, opinion & judgments based on the evidence obtained, and forming an opinion about the fair presentation on the Financial & Compliance Audit.

Prevent Profit Leakage

Documentation on order

Our SMSF outsourcing team offers a broad range of documentation services to help you establish and manage your SMSF, and keep it legally compliant. This includes applying the ABN & TFN of the superfund, registering the SMSF with the ATO, and completing all the required paperwork to establish an SMSF.

End to end support

Outsource SMSF administration as you need to

Customise your SMSF outsourcing service package to your needs. You can engage full-time admin support, part-time admin support, or simply pay per job. Just let us know what works for you.

Improve efficiency, create capacity and increase profit margins

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Our unique outsourcing model delivers

We don’t just connect you with resources. We take on the risks of staff management, training and quality assurance. Fast, flexible, reliable and affordable.

Plug and Play

Plug & Play

79% of our clients are up and running in less than 7 days

Data Protection

Data Protection

ISO27001 certification to ensure iron clad security of all data



Pay per job, enabling you to scale up and down as needed

Real Time Portal

Real Time Portal

Status of all tasks at your fingertips in real time

Team Management

Staff Management

You delegate the work and we take care of all staff management

Ongoing Training

Ongoing Training

Centre of Excellence division to ensure ongoing staff training and keep knowledge up to date

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Application of RPA to connect unrelated software and maximise efficiency

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

All work is subject to our internal quality checks before being delivered to you

Get up and running fast

No complicated implementation. No recruitment or training. Our plug and play methodology means zero downtime in job delegation.


of our clients rate our onboarding as fast and easy


of our clients find SuperRecords easy to work with


of our clients are up and running in less than 7 days

100000 SMSFs processed
1000 Australian clients
17 Years of experience
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The pressure is mounting…

SMSF Administrators are under more pressure than ever before.

The Cost of Business

Cost of Business

SMSF administration costs go up and up, but clients put constant downward pressure on costs. Somethings got to give.

Know How

Know How

It’s hard to get people who understand end-to-end SMSF compliance – you need the know-how to grow

Risky Business

Risky Business

Using the cloud is one thing, using the cloud through third parties is another, and nothing spells risk like client data.

We take the pressure off

We expertly manage repetitive time consuming tasks so you can get back to business.

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What Our
Customers Say

With Super Records, we’re gaining efficiencies each and every year.

Mark W Heffron

Partnering with SuperRecords was a great decisions for our business. They are so helpful, knowledgeable and efficient.

Deborah S Novem

We’ve been very happy with the service from SuperRecords – very professional, forward-thinking, responsive and accurate.

Mike S PC Rowland Accounting